Safety Media Locker and Password manager with TouchID

Safety Media Locker with TouchID application is an secure way to use the media files With some Utility features Which the user can access securely with their own private security. The main feature in this app contains can access the all kind of media files from the library, album, photos etc, from the phone directory to your app directory. This will make others not able to access without the security access. And this app included utility features as notes, Password manager tool, Appstore block with selected utility apps, Private Browser and settings to change the options. So this will be useful for all user for their general work in apple phones. Features: 1. This will be support from iPad,iPhone 4s to latest iPhone 6 and 6 plus. 2. The IOS version will be supported from IOS6 to IOS latest version. 3. Can Access all media files from the phone directory. 4. While you are accessing the media files the user can select multiple files to copy to application. 5. There is a private browser to browse your needs. 6. Password manager will access the password security access and other security works. 7. Notes Will make all your events and work to be notified. 8. There notes can also be shared to others. 9. you can select the theme from your settings option. 10.And also there are many other changes you can done on settings page.