Lake Ride

Lake Ride

Most of older gamers will definitely remember Atari consoles and their amazing games. Especially its famous airplane game that you had to shoot enemies,collect fuel on the way and progress further and further. It was one the console’s best games. This HTML5 game is designed based on that famous game. You control a plane in it and your goal is to destroy all enemies and their bases in each level. And don’t forget to collect fuel or otherwise you will lose! This game has 8 levels and a boss fight!


This game has also a shop in which you can purchase upgrades that will make the game easier for you. These items are: shield, crazy fire, rapid fire, high flight, guided fire and extra life.

How to Play:

Use arrow keys to move and space or mouse left-click button to shoot.


» Works on all HTML5 browsers
» Auto-resize feature (responsive)
» Ability to personalize the game’s appearance, logo and etc.
» Ability to personalize the game’s music and SFX

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