jQuery HTML5 Scratch Card


jQuery HTML5 Scratch Card is a jQuery plugin designed to provide interactive scratch card functionality on your website. jQuery HTML5 Scratch Card utilises the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 technology to provide users an unsurpassed scratch card experience. jQuery HTML5 Scratch Card can be used as a promotional tool, for advertising or even as a mini-game the possibilities are endless.


Features include:
  - Fully configurable with more than 30 configuration options
  - Fully responsive
  - Full touch and mobile support
  - Highly performant
  - jQuery integration
  - Several configurable load animations
  - Highly configurable social media widget
  - Facebook integration
  - Twitter integration
  - Google Plus integration
  - Randomizable backround and foreground images
  - Complete documentation
  - Sample PSD files

Supported Browsers

  - Internet Explorer 10+
  - Firefox 31+
  - Chrome 31+
  - Safari 5.1+
  - Opera 25+
  - iOS Safari 7.1+
  - Opera Mini 8+
  - Android Browser 4.1+
  - Chrome for Android 38+
Please note that although the above are the minimum recommended requirements, this script will run in any browser that can support the canvas element and at lease jQuery 1.7.0.